Wreck Dive in Palau

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Another Palau…
As you all might know, Palau is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world. When you hear about diving in Palau, the first things you will hear about is probably the very famous dive sites such as the Blue Corner, German Chanel, Big Drop-off etc. 

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Probably you will also hear and read about all the Mantas, Sharks, Napoleon fish, Turtles, Barracudas, School of jacks and more, as well as Palau’s great variation of macro diving.

But this is not all for Palau.
Although this kind of diving is amazing, Palau has so much more to offer for divers who seek a new kind of adventure!

If you dive in Palau you should definitely take the opportunity to explore some of all the World War II wrecks laying around, just waiting to be explored by you!

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We at DayDream would like to introduce you to all of the excitement and thrill given by this kind of wreck diving experience in Palau. This will be a chance for you to discover a “new kind of diving” in Palau even if you have been diving in Palau before or you planning for a dive trip to Palau. We want to give you this great opportunity to explore a new side of Palau diving you probably not seen before. Let us take you below the surface to experience the adventure of exploring some of the most well preserved war ship wrecks in the world!
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It is introducing Palau Wreck dive sites.

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