Hafa Adai

* Length: m / ft
* Beam: m / ft
* Tons: t
* Bottom depth: 20 m / 65 ft
* From DayDream: 5 min
* Wreck damage level: very small

Expected total dive time:
* Recreational air diver: 30 to 40 min
* Recreational nitrox diver: 40 to 50 min
* Tec diver: no deco normally
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More about Hafa Adai:
Hafa Adai was a small ferry wreck but also she has a cargo area. She is lying starboard side down little bit. It is very popular wreck dive site but hard to find the historical documents about this wreck. Anyway, it is quite good for recreational divers, and good training for wreck diver course.

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