About Palau wrecks

Again, Palau is one of most popular diving distention, but not many divers visit Palau for wreck diving. However, numbers of Japanese ship wrecks are sinking in Palau just as it is in Chuuk - Truk in Micronesia. Most ships were sunk by the U.S. air raids on the 30th and 31st of March 1944, called “Operation Desecrate one”.

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Palau wreck dive sites are…
Very close from DayDream boat base, only 2 to 15 min boat ride. Yes, this means much less stress than going to Ngemelis aria, like Blue Corner, which would take more than 60min to reach. This will be a great difference especially in rough conditions. We back to our boat base after each dive, then rest on land, no need to stay on the boat all day.

Most of the wreck dive sites are always calm so you can relax and enjoy your wreck dive.

Deepest wreck is lying at around 40m/130ft or shallower, no need for costly helium gas. However, if you would like to stay longer at the deepest part of the wreck to discover more, you must be certified Tec diver.

Most of wrecks are located inner bay. Normally no current, warmer water than the outside ocean.

One concern is the water visibility, which is not perfect. We strongly recommend everyone to bring their own bright flash light.

Check following video out now!

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